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Claw and other prize machines are often placed in locations with little regard to matching the prizes to the player base. We have changed all that. We divide and categorize our prizes into three age groups — Children, Teens, and Adults.

When putting together a prize mix for an adult location, we make sure that the prizes attract adults. The prizes in our adult locations can include Adult Movies, Adult Novelties, Real Jewelry, and other adult items. These types of prizes are always at your discretion. If adult prizes suit your location, we can offer them.

Our plush toys for children include licensed merchandise and the latest collectibles. (Disney, Looney Tunes, Nickelodeon, Hanna-Barbera, etc.)

For teens and young adults, we offer the latest in trends and fashions.

Prize Machines are becoming one of the fastest growing segments in coin-operated amusements. We increase profits and player satisfaction by offering prizes that your customers actually want!